Vaulsden 17 Step Holistic Selling System Sales Course

Vaulsden is a leading provider of a comprehensive set of sales, management, leadership, coaching and related training programs. With its Asian flagship training center located in Singapore, Vaulsden can meet the training needs of its clients in Asia-Pacific.

It has been our experience that most companies don’t have a selling system. Salespeople are left to “sink or swim” with the assumption that the good ones will somehow figure it out. Without proper support and training for its salespeople, many companies experience high turnovers. Even the successful salespeople often times have difficulties pinpointing the reasons behind their success, and thus can’t replicate the success or teach their skills to their colleagues.

Course Overview

The Vaulsden 17-step Holistic Selling System Course covers the sales building blocks for success. The program is based on a non-traditional, consultative, needs-based approach with techniques based upon the latest discoveries in the fields of behavioral science, social psychology and cognitive science. The methodology takes a holistic approach to the skills development process by examining what needs to be done in order to get the maximum output per unit time for each salesperson’s business activity.

This learning path begins with an on-line self-assessment, which measures the participant’s current selling strengths, weaknesses, and their overall skills development growth potential. The three-day program is designed to help salespeople understand and improve what they need to do at each stage of the selling system, how to execute the components of the system and finally understanding why those techniques help in the sale. The ‘why’ is necessary to prevent forgetfulness or straying from the system in the event of an outcome bias not in favor of the deal. Using a combination of theory, applications and role plays, participants will not only learn new materials but also practice them in a safe environment.


* Provide participants and companies with a common methodology and sales approach.

* Introduce participants to the non-traditional 17-step Vaulsden Selling process.

* Provide participants with specific techniques to help them be more effective at marketing, prospecting, relationship building, selling, presenting, closing and client management.

* Learn how to develop the 5 channels of prospecting.

This workshop will enable participants to learn and execute the following:

* Strategizing about your targeted customer

* Perception Management

* Marketing: Solutions to solve problems

* A 5-channel Prospecting System

* Follow-up Marketing

* Rapport Establishment

* Relationship Building

* Qualifying the Prospect

* Needs Analysis

* Digging for Pain

* Affordability Assessment

* Uncovering the Decision Process

* Putting it all together consultatively

* Closing Presentation

* Getting the Prospect to close themselves

* Customer Service & Support

* Referrals Development

Who should attend?

  • Sales Representatives

  • Sales Account Managers

  • Business Development Managers

  • Sales Consultants

  • Regional Managers

  • Marketing Managers

  • Sales Specialists

The System-Sales Templating

  • Learn why 20% of sales people make 80% of the sales

  • How to spot the 20% of buyers that would give you 80% of revenue

  • Learn how to avoid prospects that lie and don’t buy

  • Stop wasting time and sending literature that isn’t read.

  • Stop preparing proposals that can’t win.

  • Stop doing free consulting.

  • How to formulate your battle plan for the market before you start selling.

  • How to make a pitch without seeming salesy.

  • How to fill your prospecting funnel daily.

  • Know exactly how to plan your meetings to move the sale forward

Buying Psychology

  • Know how to obtain the perception that you want your prospects to have of you.

  • How to use questions to uncover your prospect’s pain points.

  • Get prospects to talk about their business issues.

  • How to get prospects into an emotionally relaxed state to enable purchasing decisions.

  • How to conduct a business dialogue with executives who may have different agendas.

  • How to talk less, listen more, stay in control and get a commitment.

Prospecting Techniques To Fill Your Pipeline With Good Leads

  • How to get prospects on a daily basis.

  • How to get through the gatekeeper.

  • How to warm up cold calls.

  • How to get quality prospects from a networking event.

  • How to become an ‘expert’ and have prospects call you.

Control Of The Sales Process With Behavioural Science Principles

  • How to profile and identify the type of buyer within the first three minutes.

  • Design a series of questions to keep the call flowing smoothly.

  • Learn how to get buy-in at every step to ensure you stay in control of the process.

  • How to measure and document customers’ commitment to advance the sales cycle.

  • How to drive consensus among complex, multiple decision makers.

  • How to say ‘no’ and get the sale.

  • How to not leave money on the table

  • How to train your mind to see that price is rarely the real issue.

  • How to turn ‘price’ and ‘cost’ conversations into ‘value’ and ‘ROI’ conversations.

  • How to determine when and how decisions are made within an organization.

  • How to get the prospects to agree and live up to committed time frames

  • How to get influencers to become inside salespeople

The Psychology Of Closing

  • How to build-up anticipation before the close.

  • Know the different approaches of closing for Users, Managers, Business Owners and Financial Decision Makers.

  • Closing tactics when selling to committees.

  • How to develop a presentation to close.

  • How to conduct a presentation in order to close.

  • How to get the prospect to close themselves.

How To Handle The Toughest Sales Situations

  • How to handle objections without making it a battle of words.

  • How to handle nasty prospects who say unkind things in the first meeting.

  • How to get the attention of prospects who won’t call you back.

  • How to prevent deals from getting cancelled.

  • How to pre-empt the cancellation of a deal.

  • Techniques for using voicemail and phone gatekeepers to your advantage.

  • How to uncover that a prospect is likely to switch to the competition.

  • Techniques to avoid feature-to-feature combat and to make your prospect see your solution as a custom fit

  • How to know if you’re being used to get a better deal with someone else.

  • How to prevent prospects from going with more established competitors.

  • How to avoid the pitfalls of premature product discussions.

  • How to turn the negotiation process into a joint problem solving session.

  • How to neutralize the competitor’s fans on the buying team.


We believe producing lasting change in people only comes about through ongoing coaching of the concepts covered and realignment of the applications that are being put to practice. The course must be followed by periodic realignment in order for the participants to truly master and put into practice Vaulsden’s methodology.


It is imperative to understand that mastery in executing these concepts and techniques will be achieved if the following process is adhered to in the following sequence:

1. Learning without distractions.

2. Guided practice in class.

3. Realignment of the concepts taught.

4. Guided practical application in the field.

5. Coaching and realignment of the execution of the concepts.

6. Independent application in the field.

7. Advanced Coaching for peak performance.