Outsourced ‘Director of Sales’ Services

The toughest endeavor an entrepreneur experiences when he tries to expand is in getting his sales team developed. In trying to expand, most entrepreneurs face heartache, demotivation, time and opportunity loss in hiring the wrong person(s) – all of which result in the entrepreneur finally ending up doing it themselves or worse, giving up the business for a job.

In our experience, here is WHY most entrepreneurs end up failing when trying to expand their business with a sales team:


  1. Begin with a search for a salesperson that is willing to work for a start-up.

  2. Think about compensation with the underlying thought process – “This person is unproven, so I must minimize the risk”.

  3. Provide a meager salary with a high commission component.

  4. Teach the new hire as much as possible in as short a time as possible.

  5. Wait for results to happen.

  6. If results are unsatisfactory, spend time motivating the salesperson.

  7. Wait for results to happen.

  8. Start giving pep talks to the salesperson with an ultimatum.

  9. Wait for results to happen.

  10. Fire the salesperson.

  11. 3-6 months have passed. Costs incurred. Revenue gained is not much.

  12. Repeat steps 1-10 or give up.

Further to this negative experience, building a sales team, one salesperson at a time, is akin to buying bits of furniture with the hope that one day, you will find a house that fits them all in. We need to get the house first before deciding its components.

The ONLY way to do that is to have a Director of Sales develop everything from scratch and later hire a Sales Director (who is half the cost of a Director of Sales) to execute the processes and systems that would have already been developed. However, this too has an inherent problem because no employee wants to create a system only to enable someone else who is cheaper to replace him.

That is where we come in. Armed with a team with decades of experience in Sales Development and Management, we provide Outsourced Director of Sales services which encompass:

  1. Strategy discussion with the business owner or CEO

  2. Research and understanding of market potential

  3. Deciding on the sales team’s components based on task and personality

  4. Developing accurate compensation systems for sales in your business

  5. Hunting and hiring the right type of sales manager first

  6. Implementing Prospecting protocols

  7. Developing appropriate monitoring sheets for sales management

  8. Specific KPI development catered to company’s objectives

  9. Hiring sales & marketing executives to perform specific functions like marketing, prospecting, networking, pre-sales, presentations, closing and account management.

Call us for a pre-consult to assess how to improve revenue and maximize the potential of your sales department.