Networking Workshop

Networking as a prospecting activity is gaining popularity worldwide. However, more than 60% of professionals that rely on prospecting for business development never attend networking events because they view it as insincere, at best and manipulative, at worst. People with this belief system are using these viewpoints as an excuse to mask the truth, that is – they have psychological barriers to prospecting face-to-face which are caused mainly by:

  • lack of confidence,

  • fear of rejection and

  • a sense of unworthiness

For those that actively attend networking events, more than 80% leave an event without any tangible results. Our opinion is that collecting namecards is not considered tangible results, unless someone says, ‘Call me’ and passes their namecard.

For the unsuccessful networker, the pain of lack of tangible results is compounded further by exhaustion caused mainly by the emotional stress of dealing with strangers in a prospecting environment. The reason that the majority are unsuccessful as networkers boils down to one or more of the following difficulties:

  • Inertia in approaching other attendees who are already in conversation with someone else.

  • Difficulty in getting the other party to become ‘interested’ in your product or service during the conversation.

  • Concern about appearing too salesy and hence, turning off others after an introduction.

  • Wasting too much time in the event with a small group of people who can’t stop talking about their products and services.

  • Spending too much time with a person or group of people who seem friendly and hence, neglecting to connect with others in the event.

  • Not knowing how to end a conversation with someone who clearly doesn’t seem to need your offerings.

  • Missing out on connecting with others who may have a better fit as a prospective client due to a lack of time.

In response to the abovementioned problems experienced by salespeople and entrepreneurs in prospecting effectively during networking events, we have put together a workshop to train individuals on our 10-step networking system which was developed with over 20 years of painstaking research and application in the marketplace.

This workshop will enable participants to do the following:

  • Learn how to prepare for a networking event.

  • Develop their own business’ FastAd™ to describe their offering efficiently in 20 seconds.

  • Understand image and perception management techniques for events.

  • Learn how to approach total strangers and make an introduction without appearing like a nervous novice or an arrogant ‘know-it-all’.

  • Learn how to quickly assess prospects’ mental language in the first few minutes of meeting them.

  • Learn how to establish rapport quickly using our proprietary ‘Rapid Rapport’ listening technique.

  • Develop the ability to move from conversation to setting an appointment with the prospect.

  • Role-play to internalize the system and process.

  • Practise under the guidance of our coach for alignment of the concepts taught.

  • Develop the confidence to speak to anybody effectively in any networking event.

  • Achieve tangible results from networking events.

  • Develop MASTERY of networking, which in turn will boost sales, resulting in growth of career and business.

Who should attend?

  • Sales Managers and Directors who need to do prospecting

  • Business Development Managers

  • Entrepreneurs who need to build sales for their business

  • Anyone who wants to overcome their psychological barriers to networking

Workshop information:

  • 1 day workshop from 9am to 6pm.

  • Class size is limited to 20 pax to enable sufficient interactivity with coach.