Planning & Goal-Setting Workshop

Most of us have heard of statistics that show that those who set written goals are far more likely to accomplish more, achieve success and accumulate greater wealth than people who don’t. If this is so, then why doesn’t everybody set goals?

Studies show that most don’t attempt to set goals due to the following reasons:

  • Fear and embarrassment of failing to achieve the goals.

  • Not knowing how to start the process of goal-setting.

  • Fear of taking risks that require stepping out of the comfort zone.

  • Convinced themselves that it doesn’t work due to having done goal setting in the past but not achieving it.

However, we believe that all these issues can be overcome if the individual understands the intricacies of goal-setting – how to do it right. Most don’t realise that goal-setting has a detailed formula in order to ensure success in application. This knowledge belongs to those who have achieved extreme success from seemingly mediocre and humble beginnings.

As such, we have created a workshop that will give insights and techniques on how to do goal-setting and more importantly, how to progress on a daily basis with effective action plans designed to keep the goals within reach.

This workshop will enable participants to learn and execute the following:

  • Understand what the mental mechanics are in order for goals that are set to be kept.

  • How to set goals that are REAL.

  • How to remember the goals constantly and consistently despite a busy schedule.

  • Understand and overcome mental programming from childhood that may derail attempts to implement goal-setting action plans.

  • How to use the Domino Effect to achieve your goals.

  • Learn the 6 misconceptions that mislead and derail us from achieving our goals – you will never fail again.

  • How to focus on the correct questions in setting goals and planning action steps.

  • How to develop the success habit.

  • How to unlock the possibilities within you. This is the secret to ordinary people achieving extraordinary results.

  • Understand Purpose, Priority and Productivity in goal-setting.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone in a leadership position.

  • Sales personnel who want to exceed targets without overworking.

  • Entrepreneurs who are juggling multiple tasks whilst trying to move the company forward.

Workshop information:

  • 1 day workshop from 9am to 6pm.

  • Class size is limited to 20 pax to enable sufficient interactivity with facilitator.